A bmx edit

There was this kid in the skate park who had some serious talent.He was only 13 when i met him and i saw some potential. Next summer came and i found him in the park again so i talked to him and we agreed to make a short video. I love to make videos and photos so i do not waste any opportunity.

Hello EA Games

These are some of the things i have done over the years. Of course i have not posted things that are related to my other jobs like commercial posters or photographs with customers. What I presented here is content made in my spare time.

I work mostly in Sony Vegas and Photoshop but i am familiar with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects. Also for recording and streaming i use Open Broadcast Software(OBS), Fraps and Bandicam. I also started learning basic coding with Auto Hot Key and to my surprise it is really paying off. Creating videos and images is something i enjoy and will probably do for the rest of my life.

Youtube Romanian Creators

In 2014 Youtube organized a meeting in Bucharest  with content creators that had potential. They had training programs and also brought some of the best romanian content creators to the event. I learned a lot and it was a grate experience. I got to meet new amazing people and learn new thins about videos, how to manage a community, thumbnails and how to improve my videos.


The Urban Warrior

This Photo is old but it was really funny at the moment. It was a summer day and i was in the park relaxing. This old man approached me and asked if i could give him a cigaret. This old man did not look really well, he was a bit underweight and shaking. In exchange for the cigaret i asked if i could get a picture with him. He was surprised and agreed but i was seeing a little bit of discomfort in his eyes. I did not like the picture that much mainly because he was looking to his left and i wanted him to look to the his right so i could get those crazy/weird  playground objects but i did not want to stress this man anymore.

So here is the original photo859101_588440524518599_913777390_o

That duck ain’t really straight in the head.

So lets make him a Urban Warrior: Silencer on his pistol , a military vest and of course like in the movies some burning stuff in the background, in this case a car.859231_588440534518598_978313199_o

Annnd i forgot to mention that the 007 on his cap is original and unedited .

Chimp in Space

This is some “recent” work that i have done in my spare time. The idea was to have a chimp in space. But i had to make him have a purpose so there you go, a radioactive banana.Now of course smoking is dangerous to your health… but our chimp has his visor up so the smoke is the least of his concerns and at this point he does not care anymore cause his banana is in hands reach. This is one badass chimp chimp-project-recoveredfinal

Below you can see the photos i have used for this image: 


My gaming youtube channel

I played world of tanks a lot and at some point i decided i will make a show highlighting the best games i could find. I did not expect to have fans , i was doing it to get more practice with video editing. And after getting 5.000 subscribers i had to start learning to do commentaries and that got me over 10.000 subscribers.

This is the channel , it has more that 200 videos some are good some are not so. But feel free to browse through it.



It has been hard for me to decide my logos and i have to say that making logos is hard work. It is complicated from a imagination point of view the drawing part is not that hard. It has to be unique and also it has to represent what the channel is about.

Here are some logos that i made and used at some point untitled-1

Romania Bmx Intro

As it is stated in my resume i worked as a content creator for Youtube. It was mostly as a hobby but it developed into a part time job. This is the intro for one of my youtube channels. This channel was made with no profit in mind but more as channel to help beginners learn new tricks and speaking about beginners i did not have many projects filmed in the real world (mostly were in  games) so it was a win win situation.

Almost all of the clips in this video were filmed by me in the time frame of a year. And i filmed in various towns like Cluj,Constanta,Miercurea Ciuc and Bucharest.